Vision, Mission and Goals

Transportation has long been a major contributor to the region’s prosperity and quality of life. For individuals and businesses, the efficiency of the transportation system in moving people and goods has a direct financial impact. From a broader perspective, the transportation system’s efficiency has repercussions for the entire economy.

In the year 2016 and beyond, the transportation system’s efficiency will become increasingly important as prosperity becomes more dependent on regional performance in a global economy. If steps are not taken to improve the region’s transportation system, it will become less efficient as evidenced by more congestion, higher crash rates, reduced travel mode options and poorer connections between modes. Transportation system inefficiencies could impede economic growth and lower the region’s competitive edge by adding to transportation costs and delays and reducing travel and transport opportunities.

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Public Involvement

In accordance with the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), OKI is committed to the goal of securing active and representative participation from all segments of the community in its transportation planning and decision making process. OKI views comprehensive, strategic stakeholder outreach and public involvement essential to the success of the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, 2016 Update and ultimately to the completion of the vital improvements throughout the tristate. As such, a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) has been developed and will be implemented over the course of the year-long 2040 Plan Update.

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Financial Plan


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Performance Measures

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Robyn Bancroft, AICP
OKI Strategic Planning Manager

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