Amendment 3

The recommendations of the Bright 74 Study resulted in the removal of the Bright Connector. The estimated cost of $47.96 million is accounted for in the fiscal constraint determination below and considered in the air quality conformity as well. Several projects identified in coordination with Dearborn County Planning and the Dearborn County Engineer’s Office were moved from the Needs list to the Plan.

The Boone County Plan identified several additional project needs as well as refined project costs to projects already in the Plan. Ten high priority projects are added. One project is moved to the needs list and six project costs are revised based on new information.

Other changes:

  • Bridge replacement over the Little Miami River in Warren County: Add project requested by the Warren County Engineers office. This bridge replacement is on a modified alignment. The project is exempt from air quality determination.
  • Lebanon Countryside YMCA Multi-use Trail:  Realignment and  extension from downtown Lebanon to Bike Park and neighborhoods on the east side of  BYP-48
  • Elmore Connector: Remove the proposed project which is no longer supported by stakeholders or the local sponsor (change made in TIP Amendment #7)
  • US-27 in Campbell County: Scope change from 5 lanes to roadway upgrade and intersection improvements (change made in TIP Amendment #7)

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Air Quality Conformity


Public Hearing Notice


(This amendment modifies the Plan which was adopted by the OKI Board of Directors in June, 2016. The OKI TIP will also be amended accordingly)

5:00 P.M
OKI Board Room 

720 East Pete Rose Way , Suite 420
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202