To enable people and commodities to have greater accessibility and to be moved with greater speed and safety, major investments are needed to improve the transportation system and reduce congestion. Improvements are needed both for expanding the present system and improving its efficiency. Improvements should be sensitive to differences in development patterns and community needs with special consideration given to safe use of the transportation system by the region’s older population. Demographic information will be used to help determine future travel needs in the region, including population and household projections, anticipated age structure changes, employment projections, and commuting patterns.  The accessibility and mobility options objectives for this Plan include:

  • Improving the operating efficiency of existing infrastructure
  • Expanding transportation infrastructure to provide additional access and capacity for moving people and goods
  • Reducing congestion by expanding alternatives to Single-Occupancy-Vehicle (SOV) travel and reducing peak hour travel
  • Acknowledging and incorporate the use of non-motorized travel (walking and biking) into the planning process as an alternative mode of travel and means of connecting modal options